Gambit Weekly #29: What was your favourite fan interaction?
Interview with Shaunz: "H2K and Fnatic are the teams we have learned from the most."

With a win over SK Gaming and a loss to Giants during the 7th week we moved to the 6th place in the standings that we share with Roccat: 6 Wins and 8 Losses. With four games left until the end of the season, we have to secure as many victories as possible and our games against Unicorns of Love and Elements are of the outmost importance.

LCS EU Summer, Week Eight:
Thursday, 21:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs Ispania Origen
Friday, 22:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs Europe Unicorns

Shaunz on SK Gaming:
"I got a bit troubled during the draft due to them locking in Ezreal and Nautilus. In the end, with our composition in mind I decided we should not give attention to their composition and rather play out our own. It went really well: the team played almost perfectly and I enjoyed watching them play."

Shaunz on Giants Gaming:
"I still do not believe that we lost, because we prepared really hard this week and had to win this game no matter what. The game was lost, when our team decided to swap lanes 7 minutes into the game. Cabochard got neutralized and FORG1VEN's lead was not translated. I am really sad, since it was an important game for us and I felt like we should have won it."