Competitive ruling: FORG1VEN

Acting respectful towards regular players is an integral part of a professional conduct. This kind of conduct not only is perceived as socially acceptable, but is also a part of Riot Games' rule book. Even though we are frustrated by the fact that FORG1VEN is suspended for four LCS games effective immediately, we accept Riot Games' decision as they had provided sufficient evidence to validate their point. While we do not believe that remaining players on our team may be subject to a similar ruling, we will have a talk with them to prevent further incidents from happening.

Dmitry "Moo" Sukhanov, Team Manager: 
"We have been informed that there is an ongoing investigation concerning FORG1VEN on 13th of July. We have been warned that the type of punishment was not determined yet, but it can range from a financial fine to, worst-case scenario, being temporarily suspended from LCS. In light of that, it was suggested to prepare for the worst-case scenario by recruiting a substitute, since according to the rules the teams are not able to add any more players, even substitutes, after 14th of July.
We have been informed about the final verdict on Tuesday, July 21st at 01:00 AM, when we were certain that we have already avoided the worst-case scenario. Nevertheless, you are aware of the verdict.  It's a harsh decision, when there are only two days left until the ninth week of LCS EU Summer.
At the moment you cannot compare LCS team with professional baseball or football clubs, who have dozens of substitute players, who crucially train with the main roster and are constantly rotated to take part in the official games. When their players get suspended for a certain amount of games, it is obviously unpleasant, but at the same time completely manageable.
On the other hand, even Fnatic, an indubitable leader of EU LCS, as of now have only two substitute players, who have next to none experience of competitive play, and you can barely consider them as a real replacement for starting players, should anything happen to them.
Besides, in my opinion, this kind of punishment harms remaining players and our organization even more than a player in question, especially given the circumstances.
Having said that, I wish you a joyful viewing experience of the 9th week of LCS, where teams will clash on an equal footing to determine, who will claim 4th-6th place in the standings and will qualify for playoffs and consequently Worlds!"