There is no easy way to say it, but our organization won't be taking part in the upcoming season of LCS Spring 2016. During this off-season we were considering our further development options and in the end had to settle for a sale of our LCS spot. We ended up signing a deal with Team Vitality, who will assume our spot in LCS Spring 2016. Team Vitality is a French eSports organization, very well-known in the European console scene. This will be their first PC team, we would like to wish them luck in their new venture.

All of our players, as well as a team manager and a head coach are released from our organization. We would like to thank all of them, especially Diamondprox and GoSu Pepper, who have been a part of our team from the moment it was established. In our follow-up statement that is going to be published within the next couple of days we will share our plans, as well as provide some insight into how did we arrive at this decision.