What was your favourite fan interaction?

Cabochard: IEM Katowice. It was cool how fans cheered and came to greet us, so many of them, even though we lost and did not perform at that event. I was really pleased!

Betsy: After my first game against Fnatic. It felt really good to get all the messages from my old friends, fans and other people on social media.

Shaunz: Casting Riot All-Stars in Paris in front of 4000 people over the course of three days!

GoSu Pepper: My favourite fan interaction was at IEM Katowice 2013 and 2014. I will never forget that feeling, when so many people are shouting: GAMBIT! GAMBIT! GAMBIT!

FORG1VEN: Don't know if I can highlight any specific fan interaction, but it is always nice for me to interact with people that look up to me for various reasons.