Moopz, Steelback and ImSoFresh join Gambit as subs

With a victory over Origen and a loss to Unicorns of Love we managed to climb from the 6th to the 5th place in the standings. We are tied with Giants Gaming and Roccat: 7 Wins and 9 Losses. With two games left until the end of the regular season, only three teams have secured their spots in playoffs: Fnatic, Origen and H2k. The remaining teams with an exception of Copenhagen Wolves will continue a nail-biting fight for the remaining three spots.

LCS EU Summer, Week Nine:
Thursday, 22:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs Europe Elements
Friday, 19:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs UK H2k

Shaunz on Origen:
"The game against Origen was really clean. Our composition was good, since we had good early game, mid game and late game scaling. The team didn't do a lot of mistakes which was nice to see."

Shaunz on Unicorns:
"Against Unicorns of Love, we started a 1-3-1 without having enough wave clear mid, which is really crucial, since their composition revolved aroud staying as 5 and fighting. Then the worst happened, because we got caught one by one and managed to lose a lot of our resources. We played Gangplank which we had good success with in scrims, but it didn't lead to a success on stage, unfortunately."