In this statement we would like to share our plans for 2016 and try to explain why did we make a decision to sell our LCS spot.

First of all, we would like to apologize to our fans for keeping you in the dark in the recent months. During this off-season we were considering all of our options, such as acquisition of additional investments, sale of our LCS spot and a continuation of our run in LCS with an updated line-up.  With a final decision being made only last week, we did not wish to publish any information until everything was certain.

To be honest, compared to our achievements in 2013, we had unsuccessful runs in 2014 and 2015. While you can attribute a lacking performance in 2014 to drastic changes in our line-up and a search for our new identity, there is no excuse for our performance in 2015, since our highest achievement was qualifying for Spring split playoffs. We have never had such an utterly disastrous season.

From an organizational standpoint our biggest mistake was our specialization on a single game. As you may know, every competitive discipline has its own advantages and disadvantages. In case of League of Legends, the main disadvantage is an existence of "media" voids, since the majority of LCS teams are not taking part in any competition for 6 months each year. In light of that, it is more difficult for organizations that compete in the League of Legends scene exclusively to challenge multigamings in terms of acquisition of favourable sponsorships. Let's  consider a real life example. In 2015 Unicorns of Love got 2nd place in LCS Spring and 4th place in LCS Summer. Even though it is a good result, they did not qualify for MSI and Worlds. In the end UoL have competed only sixth months this year.

Starting with September 2015 we can witness how strongly the professional League of Legends scene has been shaken. Multiple organizations in Europe and North America received a backing from multimillionaires. New organizations due to their unlimited financial resources are changing the rules of the game. Yes, it is a positive sign for viewers and an entire scene, but there is a side effect – the majority of old organizations will eventually disappear, since they simply won't be able to keep up from a financial standpoint, even if they show good results. The first qualitative change concerned the salaries of top level players in the Western region as they have doubled and in some cases even tripled. Consequently, it became impossible for Gambit Gaming to create a competitive roster for an upcoming season, meaning that our chances of becoming a top three team were almost negligible.

Since our team has not been able to reach this level for two years in a row now, we decided to temporarily step aside from LCS in order to make several qualitative changes within our organization and return to this league rejuvenated and in a good competitive shape to please you with our victories like before.

The majority of the funds acquired from the sale of our spot will be reinvested into our project. We intend to create a new League of Legends roster, as well as rosters in other disciplines. Our main goals in 2016 are – improving our fan interaction, changing our player management system, as well as acquiring a sufficient volume of sponsorship funds.

In conclusion, we would like to thank everyone who has been supporting our team for the past three years. It has been a great honour to share the joy of victory with you and to receive your support in difficult times. We encourage you to support our former players in their new LCS teams. Besides, we hope that you will support new Gambit Gaming's players as well. It's not the end - it's a REBOOT!