Today all members of our team and groove are departing to Los Angeles to compete at LCS Spring 2015 Promotion Tournament that is going to feature teams from both Europe and North America. Even though our match is scheduled on Wednesday at 19:00 CEST, we wanted to arrive a couple of days earlier to prevent jetlag from having an impact on our performance.

Those of you who are willing to come by and greet us will have to do so on Wednesday, since we'll be spending all of our spare time practicing at Riot Games HQ. We have already received our Tournament Realm and LIVE NA accounts and will start scrimming on Sunday. Finding a scrim partner shouldn't be a problem, since there are 12 teams participating at this tournament, and only one of them, SK Gaming Prime, is going to face us.

This tournament consists of six BO5 matches among LCS and Challenger teams from Europe and North America. While winners will automatically qualify for the next season of LCS, losers will have another shot at making it. 

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