Even though we didn't make it to Worlds this year, we are obviously following the tournament. Our primary goal is to grasp something new by watching the best teams perform, but we also have teams that we personally want to do well. Find out which teams our players are supporting at Season Four Worlds!

Edward: I am supporting Edward Gaming. I don't know why, but I like the name of this team. Jokes aside, I am not supporting any team in particular, because I primarily want to see quality gameplay.

niQ: Koreans teams, because they are the most dedicated, and Royal Club due to their aggressive play style.

Kubon: I am supporting Alliance and NaJin White Shield. I enjoy watching them perform and I am impressed by their play styles, particularly how well they are able to adapt to their opponents.

Diamond: Alliance. In my opinion, they are the strongest non-Asian team. That doesn’t mean that I dislike SK or Fnatic, but Alliance demonstrated superiority over others in LCS. Besides, they are from Europe and another Cup here won't be unnecessary.

Krislund: I am personally going to support Samsung White, I am a big fan of their Marksman Imp & his lane partner Mata. In general, I have been a big fan since they 3-0'ed Blaze in OGN Spring 2013 Finals. They have always been good at picking up new meta and understanding how to to play the map perfectly - Mata's and SSW's vision control is outstanding and I am really amazed by it.