PreSeason 5 patch has been available on live servers for a while now and will even be used at two upcoming IEM events in San Jose and Cologne. We had enough time to get acquainted with the patch, so we would like to share our thoughts on how it has impacted particular roles and the game overall.

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Cabochard: So, first of all, I really like the texture update done to Summoner's Rift, especially in the top lane area. We were playing for years on the old map, and seeing so many changes on the new one is really great.

Regarding the jungle changes, I think even if it is not my role it is really nice to see more paths that junglers can take, as well as different Smite upgrades available for them. Overall, more strategic thinking has to be involved to be a better jungler now.

I also prefer new Drake and Nashor, both making people think more before they do an objective, since they provide more snowball potential than before.

There is not much I really dislike, since I still enjoy playing League of Legends a lot, even more so in this PreaSeason.

Diamond: In this new patch I see a lot of good ideas, which will shine after some more work from Riot's side and a couple of patches. But right now I can say that there were more proscene-viable junglers in the previous patch than now. Pretty sad to see my lovely Gragas, Kha'Zix, Rammus and even J4 getting nerfed hard. But I guess that is what makes you a good player - an ability to adjust to any changes, even if you hate them. So that's what I'll do now, and let's see how it works out.

niQ: I think that we will see more early game champions and less scaling ones now in mid, because of earlier fights over objectives, which are more important than before, but other than that mid stays pretty much the same.

P1noy: There were not a lot of changes for my position. Overall, I like the patch and I think it is pretty balanced. I like that QSS is a lot cheaper now and that now you are able to take Golems, Gromp or Wolves in order to get level 2 faster. Apart from that, it is pretty much the same for me.

Edward: The biggest change was the map overall. It looks totally different, but I got used to it after a single day of playing SoloQ, so adaptation was not a big deal.

Another big change was the jungle. Every jungler changed his jungle pathing, so you have to adapt as a laner to know when junglers can gank.  That is a very important factor.

Besides that, I like the fact that Drake does not give gold anymore. I like the idea behind the five buff system. Having said that, I do not think that the game has changed a lot since 4.19 patch.