In February of 2017 Gambit Esports acquired second roster in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Our organization sees a potential in having a secondary team, therefore wanted to provide an opportunity for younger talents to develop themselves over time to compete at a higher level. However, on April 16 four members left Gambit Academy due to unsatisfactory results and internal disagreements.

Nevertheless, Gambit CS:GO Academy wont cease to exist. Our organization is currently looking for four players to replace Oleg "neathz" Kornev, Aleksey "Elian" Gusev, Nikolai "kkt" Danilenko and Ruslan "spyn" Kalakov and will announce a new line-up later this week.

Gambit Academy roster:
Rossia Artem "malik" Arkhipov
Rossia Rustam "TsaGa" Tsagolov - Coach
Rossia Egor "fuRy^" Morin - Manager