Going into the Summer Split of LoL Continental League Gambit line-up will undergo substantial changes. As a result Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov remains as the only active member on the primary roster.

Viacheslav "Archie2b" Egorov’s contract expired at the end of April and was not renewed. Michal "zoiren" Zíka, Valentin "NikSar" Zimakov and Ivan "FIRees" Silantiev are still under contract with Gambit Esports, but are moved to the substitute positions and are allowed to entertain offers from other organizations.

The given decision came down to unsatisfactory performance in the first split of 2017 and our goal to qualify for the main event of the year. The management of Gambit Esports intends to recruit players who have already achieved success locally and have gained experienced performing at the international stage. We would like to remind that only one LCL representative is eligible to qualify for the Play-In Stage of Worlds for a chance to advance to the main part of the tournament.