Before we get to Kévin we would like to thank everyone who has applied for a coaching position at Gambit Gaming. We received more than 150 applications from all over the world, including countries like Canada, the United States and Australia. Our applicants have very diverse backgrounds, such as teachers, sports psychologists, managers and psychotherapists. We narrowed this list down to a dozen of candidates for a further evaluation. They have participated in our scrimmages with a purpose of finding out what kind of feedback and guidance they are able to provide. Based on an input in this process we decided to elect Kévin as our primary candidate due to his high degree of professionalism and game knowledge, as well as his ability to approach players.

It is true that we did not manage to finalize this process during the mid-season, but our goal was to make sure that we select the right person to work with our team. Kévin has joined our boot camp last Sunday and will be our on-stage coach starting from this week. The point of his two-week trial period is to make sure that his input and influence during playdays and our everyday life is on par with his performance online.

Kévin is a Challenger level player with a competitive experience as a jungler for variety of French teams. Besides that he has experience of coaching and casting in League of Legends.