With less than two weeks left until the LCS EU Spring'15, we are ready to announce the changes to our support staff. Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites joins Gambit Gaming as a Head Coach for the duration of both LCS splits in 2015. Leviathan's major debut as a coach happened in 2014 – he led Alliance to a victory in the LCS EU Summer. He expressed an interest in working with our team in November and we decided to offer him a trial period that coincided with our preparation to IEM Cologne. During this time, he proved himself as a valuable addition to our team due to his ability to structure our individual and team practice, improve our game play and conduct research on our opponents.

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Leviathan's statement:
"I'm very glad to be a part of Gambit Gaming. I believe that with my coaching experience and the veteran status of some of the players, we have an environment for our young players to grow over time into top level competitors."

This season marks an important step in increasing the level of competition. Each team is obliged to have a head coach, who alongside players becomes an official representative of a team. Head coach's role is not limited by an in-game analysis. Besides that, he is responsible for maintaining and developing healthy relationships within a team, shaping practice regimen and defining clear-cut goals, working with analysts and more. On top of that, head coaches from now on are participating in the pick-ban phase on-stage. You can get further acquainted with this topic by reading the following articles:


Gambit Gaming's Roster and Support Staff:
Francia Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet – Top Lane
Rossia Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov – Jungle
Polsha Sebastian "niQ" Robak – Mid Lane
Dania Kristoffer "P1noy" Pedersen – AD Carry
Rossia Eduard "Edward" Abgaryan – Support

Kanada Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites – Head Coach
Rossia Dmitry "Moo" Sukhanov – Team Manager and Analyst
Rossia Konstantin "groove" Pikiner – General Manager