We decided to terminate our contract with Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites after our disappointing performance in the playoffs. The results and more importantly the development of our team over the course of the Spring split are overall unsatisfactory. As of now, we have not found a suitable replacement, therefore finding a new Head Coach is our primary goal during the mid-season. We would like to thank Jordan for his efforts and we wish him luck in his future endeavours.

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It is valid to note that our loss in the playoffs came down to questionable decision making in certain scenarios, as well as individual misplays. Having said that, we have faith in our players' ability to compete with the top European teams and achieve the ultimate goal of qualifying for Season 5 World Championship.

Dmitry "Moo" Sukhanov, Team Manager:
"Today we bid farewell to our Head Coach, who was in charge of our team throughout an entire Spring split. Our decision was based on our results at IEM Katowice, regular part of the season and the playoffs, as well as individual conversations with our players. We believe that Jordan had a successful start as a Head Coach of our team, but in the past couple of months he lost his interest and was dedicating more and more time to his image in social networks, instead of working with our team. Our players are as professional as one can get, therefore they require the same level of commitment from their support staff. We want our coach to be not only sociable and capable of resolving conflicts – tasks Jordan had coped with well, but also be a self-motivated specialist with organizational capabilities, extensive LoL game knowledge and an ability to set his priorities straight."