LCS EU Spring 2015 Playoffs - Coverage Hub

LCS EU Spring 2015 Playoffs will determine the winner of this split. Moreover, six teams that made it to playoffs will earn up to 90 Championship Points that come into play when European teams qualify for Season 5 Worlds. Playoffs begin on April 4th in Berlin with two quarterfinals and conclude on April 18-19 with 3rd place decider and Grand Final in Madrid. All games are played in a BO5 format.

Tournament Format: Single Elimination, BO5

Championship Point Allocation:
1st UK Fnatic - 90
2nd Europe Unicorns - 70
3rd UK H2k 50
4th Germania SK - 30
5th/6th Dania Wolves & Rossia Gambit - 10

UK H2k [3:2] Germania SK #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
UK Fnatic [3:2] Europe Unicorns