When we recruited Betsy two weeks ago to temporarily replace niQ, we did not expect him to perform the way he did. He got a lot of attention for his performance and an impressive KDA on Ahri against Fnatic, but we did not want to jump to conclusions prematurely. This week we scored two more victories and extended our win streak to seven games, whereas Betsy continued to perform at the highest level. At that point it became apparent that we must at least weigh our options and seriously consider having him on our starting line-up.

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It was not an easy choice, but we decided to have him as our starter with niQ moving to a substitute position. It is fair to note that our team has been on an upward trend lately, therefore it might have been easier for him to stand out. Nevertheless, we believe that Betsy fits in our team dynamic better. Moreover, there are only two weeks left until IEM Katowice, and we feel like our best shot at having a successful appearance in Poland comes down to utilizing a player who has been more involved with our team recently.

Statement by Betsy:
"I am happy to get an opportunity to play for such a big organization like Gambit. I really enjoy playing with every single player in the Gambit squad and I look forward to many more wins with the team!"

Gambit Gaming's line-up:
Francia Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet – Top Lane
Rossia Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov - Jungle
Shvecia Felix "Betsy" Edling – Mid Lane
Dania Kristoffer "P1noy" Pedersen – AD Carry
Rossia Edward "Edward" Abgaryan – Support
Polsha Sebastian "niQ" Robak – Substitute, Mid Lane