Going into the Summer split of LCS, we decided to find out Konstantinos' outlook on the upcoming competition and his new team.

Welcome to Gambit! What was your experience with the rest of the guys so far?
 It's been only a week since I have joined the team, but I can say that it feels pretty good. 

It is safe to assume that you received other offers after you had left SK Gaming. What made you choose Gambit?
FORG1VEN: It was the biggest 'name' as an organisation out of the teams from Europe that made an offer and I always like people to expect a lot from me. I am always looking forward to new challenges.

Edward has recently changed his nickname back to GoSu Pepper. Do you happen to know why? Does it have something to do with you joining the team?
FORG1VEN: I think he is showing an extreme intention of becoming who he used to be.

How do you approach developing your playstyle/synergy with him?
FORG1VEN: We are both heavily emotional and motivated players and we are both trying to find the same way of approaching the game.

Among other things, it seems that SK struggled to adapt when you were targeted by multiple bans in the playoffs. On the other hand, it seems that this scenario is less likely to occur in Gambit. Do you agree with this sentiment? Do you think that diverse champion pools can become one of the strengths of this line-up?
FORG1VEN: I think that I will still get heavily targeted by bans/picks, by in-game strategies or even both as long as I display a level of performance similar to the two splits I have played so far.

Having played and scrimmed against Gambit in the Spring split, what do you think were the pros and cons of the previous roster?
FORG1VEN: I think the individual level of each player in the team was good, but it just felt like a team that played for its players and not players playing for the greater good.  It didn't feel like teamwork, same in SK in a way.

The community believes that there is going to be a tougher competition in the Summer split due to multiple teams improving their rosters as well as Origen joining the league. Who do you consider to be the main contenders to qualify for Worlds?
FORG1VEN: I don't actually think it will be that vast of an upgrade, but I think we will have a better picture three or four weeks into the split. Main contenders, in my opinion, will be SK, Fnatic and H2k.

On one of the episodes of "Summoning Insight" you mentioned yourself, Freeze and Hjärnan as the top 3 AD Carries in Europe. Are you going to change your ranking with players like Tabzz, Niels and Candy Panda joining the league?
FORG1VEN: Every single split the dynamic changes due to the meta game and other factors. I certainly don't think the 'standings' will be the same as I expect everyone to give their best. Besides, I believe people will be more aware of me and of almost every individual AD Carry. Certainly, it feels that the competition will be tougher than in S5 Spring Split.