Gambit LoL captain Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov shared his impressions of his first season in LCL and spoke of the upcoming international competition.

- It's been a month since you finished competing in Spring Split and the Summer one starts no sooner than on June, 17. What were you going to do these three months? When are you beginning preparation for Summer Split?
- I planned to use all this time to recharge my batteries after upsetting split results, pull myself together, don't lose shape, and start preparations for the much more important split earlier than usual. We will start preparation a month and a bit in advance, not to dispel extra strength on it and at the same to acquire if not a perfect shape then a good one.

- The latest season was your first in LCL.  What are your impressions of this competition?
- My impressions vary a lot. Venue and organization - very positive; judging - sharply negative; the level of the preparation of other teams pleased me, but the format was upsetting, although I was aware we will play bo1 matches, it seems barbaric in 2017.

- How important is to play BO3 in the regular season to improve the competitiveness of our region on the international stage?
- It's very simple: the more matches a team plays on the stage the more adapted and strong it becomes with such conditions. Besides, bo3 helps teams to improve their draft and teaches to adapt for what the rivals can show in their game against you, while bo1 can only give you a hint of what your opponent does judging by his previous matches in the league. And I’m not even mentioning some mental aspects of team play…

- Last year for the first time a wildcard team advanced to the playoffs at Worlds. The majority of leagues switched to BO2 or BO3 and are playing on LAN. Apart from this, now all the regions will be represented at MSI and Worlds. In your opinion, how much time is required for the best teams from Brazil, Turkey, CIS and other wildcard-regions to perform at the same level with the representatives of LCS, LMS and LPL?
- It feels like many of these regions don't have enough talented players to gather a decent line-up and/or they lack infrastructure to develop it. Though as the time passes an interest in the game does not diminish and Riot goes on developing Esports aspect, I think within a couple of years we'll face the moment when wildcard-regions across the world will be dangerous for the best teams of the currently most developed regions.

- Let's move back to LCL. At the end of the last year you faced a difficult and new for you task - assembling a line-up. In one of the interviews you've already confirmed that you made mistakes, particularly when you chose Xavieles instead of Archie2b. Nevertheless, did you manage to gain any useful insight out of this? Did your lack of experience of playing in LCL and unawareness of CIS players influence the situation?
- Making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn anything. There is no doubt I've taken a lot out of this and it doesn't matter how much my let down expectations upset me, I know that the next time I'll do it much better. Being unfamiliar to the scene of course had its effect and it would be much easier to do this if I knew the majority of the players personally.

- What do you make of your own play this season?
-I’d say that this split I showed the lowest level of play out of five last years. And though I didn’t have difficulties playing against LCL junglers, the difference with the level of play of good LCS/LCK junglers was tangible. It disappoints me and I’m ashamed in front of the fans.
However, the majority of the problems, which disturbed us from self-development within the team will be solved in the upcoming split and I hope that I’ll show the level of play, which will be pleasant to follow and which will lead my team to the desirable results.

- For the first time in two years M19 not only didn’t win the league, but also didn't manage to get to the finals. Do you think it comes down to the decrease in their level of play or the increased competitiveness in CIS?
- I'd say that CIS getting better is a reason, but most of all it's because they couldn't fix the problems in the existing roster and decided to make a roster change instead. But it's just a view from the outside.

-At MSI one of the wildcard-regions will receive the second quote for Worlds. Is VP capable of this? Which league do you think will be able to send two teams to the main tournament of the year?
-VP, obviously, has a couple of great players, who are able acquire such victories. Yet the question is whether the team’s desire to achieve the same aim is strong enough, and whether all the members of the team will do their best while preparing for the tournament to show their best. After all, such opportunities to show themselves to the whole world are very rare and I hope that the roster representing our region understands this and will do everything possible to make it closer at least to the international success of ANOX. I know very little about other WC regions, so I’ll just put faith in our guys :)

- Three-time World Champions SKT are unconditional favorites at MSI. Who, in your opinion, has the best shot to challenge them and become the main contender for the second place?
-Both LCS teams don’t look weak and shaky on stage anymore. I hope they won’t get phased by a menacing opponent on a big stage. In this case interesting matches with these three teams are likely to unfold.