During the second day Gambit fought for advancing to the playoffs. At first we had to stand against Cloud9. In the first half on Train the guys were lagging behind but then managed to take over the chain of eight rounds and stabilize on their pick. The guys broke through and went over the North American team 16:12. On Cache our team jumped ahead on T side of Cache - 12:3. Cloud9 tried to come back and change the flow of the game but Gambit prevented it and won 16:11!

The last fight before getting to the next stage had to be the match with fnatic. On Train Gambit tried to come back after the first half (12:3), but on their pick didn't manage to go over the Swedish — 16:12 in fnatic's favor. The second half was not less nervous: in the first half both teams were chasing each other and after the side switch Gambit made it 6 rounds ahead. However, we failed to win Inferno: we didn't manage to use the advantage and fnatic went over us during overtime 19:17. Being one step away from the playoffs, Gambit finished their way at the summer DreamHack.

Cis Gambit vs USA Cloud9 - de_train, de_cache

Cis Gambit vs Shvecia fnatic - de_train, de_inferno