What was your plan going into the game?
Darien: Plan is a strong word. I don’t think that even at Worlds any team can think through all of the possible routes a given game can take. We can speak of directives though, since even the weakest teams have them. Our directives were: 1) Get decent champions. 2) Don’t feed. 3) Don’t give up objectives for free.

Did you manage to fulfil your plan during the draft?
Diamond: You can say so. We gave away Lee Sin, but took Elise. Shyvana isn’t as scary without Lulu, though she synergies with Orianna as well. We had a lot of CC and disengage and our late game was stronger. Caitlyn, Jax and Elise are stronger than Lucian, Shyvana and Lee Sin in the late game respectively.

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Your bot lanes met at top and your top laners met at bot. Was this lane composition in your favour?
Edward: We assumed that they will go top and were ready to face them, since our duo was stronger than theirs – they had Morgana and we had a support champion with heal.

8 minutes into the game you decided to switch your lanes – Darien went top, Genja and Edward went bot. Why did you do that?
niQ: We did that to gain control in the bottom part of the map which has one more objective in the early/mid phase of the game - Dragon.

After the swap you managed to secure Dragon, whereas Fnatic replied by taking three towers, but it left them with only a 1k gold advantage. Were you satisfied with this trade?
niQ: We took their Red Buff and Dragon. Overall, it was not a bad trade, because of our late game scaling team composition, but I think that we could have moved around map better and defended some of our turrets.

23 minutes into the game Fnatic had a positional advantage at Dragon, but they decided to hand it over to you to secure your Inner Mid Turret (sixth turret for them). You managed to protect it, but Fnatic rotated top and secured your Inhibitor Turret. Were you caught off guard?
Diamond: Fnatic couldn’t get Nami on a route to Dragon, therefore they decided to avoid taking risks and aimed at trading Dragon for an Inner Turret, which is an acceptable trade from a theoretical standpoint. Their further actions caught us off guard indeed, since we didn’t notice how close were their minions to our Top Inhibitor Turret. We didn’t have vision in the top part of our jungle, therefore some of us went pushing mid and couldn’t make it top in time. You can see how late was Elise, it was a great rotation by Fnatic.

25 minutes into the game Fnatic have finally secured your Middle Inner Turret. At that point the score was 7:1 in terms of Turrets in their favour, 2:1 kills in their favour, they are slightly ahead in terms of farm, but you secured all three Drakes. Did you realize at that point that you were behind by only 2k gold?
Genja: No, but we knew that we could win that game easily, therefore we continued playing.

31 minutes into the game it was hard for viewers to comprehend your actions. Both teams were trying to get a superior position at Nashor that resulted in a team fight, but Genja was recalling at that moment. Fnatic killed Darien, but they lost Cyanide and an Outer Middle Turret after a failed attempt to catch Diamond. The exchange was in your favour. Nevertheless, why didn’t Genja take part in that fight?
Genja: Did Genja really miss a team fight? He was a part of it, killed Lee Sin and proceeded by pushing mid. Darien dying was not part of a team fight, but rather him getting caught.

32 minutes into the game you prevented Fnatic from taking Nashor. You killed xPeke and proceeded by securing Nashor and killing Cyanide. It allowed you to turn the tide in you favour. Victory was a just a matter of time. What allowed you to win that team fight?
Darien: We won that team fight, because their attempt at securing Nashor was rash. They had a false sense of domination caused by us giving away a lot of turrets. On top of that, my engage was godlike.

What can you say about the overall flow of the game? In theory, can a superior Dragon control be justified by giving away your own turrets?
Edward: It wasn’t part of our plan. Our communication and rotations are weak at this point, which resulted in us giving away turrets. We outplayed them in the late game, that’s it.