We would like to introduce the new series of articles "Gambit Analysis". The purpose of this weekly column is to provide a perspective of one of our players on the most interesting game we play during a certain stage of LCS EU. 

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Our first volunteer is our mid laner, Alexey "Alex Ich" Ichetovkin, and he will be providing his perspective on our first match against Roccat during the second week of LCS EU Spring 2014. We had two games to choose from: versus SK or Roccat. Even though we lost this match, we still believe it makes more sense to talk about it.

Going into this match both Gambit Gaming and Roccat had accumulated four wins and a single loss. This circumstance made this match extremely relevant as the winner would temporarily single-handedly claim the second spot in the standings.

The Draft

Alex Ich's thoughts on the game:
I believe that banning Pantheon and Kassadin was a smart decision, but we should have honestly banned Kayle instead of Vi, even though Vi is considered to be a strong jungler right now. Our plan A was that they won't pick Kayle and our plan B was that we wouldn't perform so bad against her.

As you may know, Diamond wasn't able to practice that much last week, since he had to spend some time renewing his international passport, therefore with Vi, Lee and Elise being banned as well as Olaf being picked by Roccat, he was forced to play Shen. Even though I think that he did well on Shen, we as team were out of our comfort zone with Diamond playing this champion. Even though our laning phase was ok, we made some mistakes, which is not acceptable, when you are playing with a support oriented jungler. For instance, when both junglers came mid, I overestimated Shen's damage output and eventually died to Kayle.

We also considered banning Thresh, since Vander performed well on him and our duo was struggling a bit lately, but we decided against it, since it's not about the picks, but about the execution, when it comes to the success of the bot lane. I had four options to choose from and I decided to settle with Orianna, but when I think about it now, I should have settled for another champion.

The teams were on equal terms prior to the decisive fight.

All things considered, the outcome of the game was decided by a single team fight that went in Roccat's favour. I don't want to take anything away from Roccat, but we could have performed better in this fight. We saw Kayle approaching us from behind, therefore our call to engage wasn't optimal. We should have let them take Dragon or try to take a better position. It is important to note that my and Genja's Flashes were on cooldown, which is really bad against a champion like Kayle. Even though the game was really even up until this fight, Roccat got four kills for free and thus were able to secure Nashor. There was no coming back after that point."