We went into LCS EU Spring 2014 Playoffs as the fifth best team to face Roccat who finished fourth. In the first game of the series Roccat capitalized on taking two Barons, whereas in the second one they acquired a huge lead early and did not let go of it due to our individual mistakes. It was a convincing victory for the Poles, which meant that we had to face Copenhagen Wolves in the 5th place decider. Last year there was a lot on the line in this match, since the 5th place guaranteed a spot in the Summer Season, whereas the 6th best team had to win over one of the Challenger Series teams to regain their spot in the LCS.

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The first two games of the series could have gone in favour of either team and were ultimately decided by a single late game team fight, therefore let's jump straight into the third game.

In the final game Genja and Alex went for champions they had not played thus far in playoffs: Twitch and Orianna. Despite cowTard getting a first blood in a lvl 1 invade and Copenhagen Wolves putting a pressure mid early on, Alex Ich still came out of the laning phase with a sizeable CS lead. He would repeatedly use his ultimate offensively even in 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios just to burn the enemy Summoner Spells.

The tempo of the game slowed down with teams trading objectives and farming until the fight at the Dragon Pit 28 minutes into the game. We managed to get four kills for free after Diamond's bait and secured this objective. Alex Ich got a Triple Kill on top of his 100 CS lead over cowTard and was put in a position to carry the game.

33 minutes into the game Gambit attempted to deliver Orianna's Ball on a stealthed Twitch to engage a team fight. Even though the Shockwave did not land, we managed to get two kills and transitioned this advantage into a Baron.

The true display of Alex Ich's determination was showcased 36 minutes into the game. Genja was caught in the enemy jungle and brought down by Amazing, FORG1VEN and cowTard. They decided to transition this kill into an attempt to bring down Darien as well, but he survived on a next to no HP. In spite of that we decided to reengage, since FORG1VEN was away from his team and quickly brought down Amazing and YoungBuck. FORG1VEN gets caught as well right at his Inner Top Turret, but Alex Ich was not satisfied just yet. He ran past the turret, Flashed in to slow down their retreat and with the rest of our team closing the gap, we managed to get a clean Ace in a 4v5 scenario. Alex Ich is 9/0/4, 170 CS ahead and we get the first Inhibitor.

It was just a matter of time before we closed out the game. Alex got another Triple Kill during the final assault and finished the game with 20 KDA: 13/0/7. Whether or not he had decided to leave our team by that point of time, he made a statement with his performance and left the stage with a mighty war cry.

Game One:

Game Two:

Game Three: