Two years ago on March 3rd we won over SK Gaming during the 4th week of LCS EU. If you look at this victory in isolation, there is nothing special about it. At that point of time we had never lost to SK on LAN, therefore there was nothing really to celebrate besides scoring an additional point. As it turned out though, that victory allowed us to achieve the second longest win streak in the history of European LCS. The record did not last long as Fnatic broke it one month later on April 6th

Longest win streaks in EU LCS:
9 games - Fnatic, Spring 2013
8 games - Gambit, Spring 2013
8 games - Alliance, Spring 2014
8 games - SK, Spring 2015

After a relatively slow start to a season: a loss to EG and Giants and a single victory over Fnatic during the first week, we went on a rampage. It was important to note that it was a perfect time for us to ramp up, since right after the 4th week of the split we were heading to two international tournaments: IEM Hanover and MLG Dallas, that featured a much tougher opposition in the face of KT Bullets, CJ Frost and CJ Blaze, but that's another story.

Even though most of the victories were achieved against middle or bottom of the table teams, some of them were important and spectacular. For instance, during the 3rd week we overcame Giants, who caused an upset earlier this split and were the only team to take 2 games off of us alongside Evil Geniuses over the course of the entire split. One week later we defeated our main rivals Fnatic and Evil Geniuses.

Funny enough, this week, two years later, we have a chance to both repeat our own longest win streak as well as the longest win streak in the history of European LCS. In order to achieve that we have to overcome H2k Gaming and Giants Gaming.

Teams that we beat to achieve this streak:
against All authority, Week Two
Copenhagen Wolves, Week Two
Giants Gaming, Week Three
DragonBorns, Week Four
Evil Geniuses, Week Four
Fnatic, Week Four
against All authority, Week Four
SK Gaming, Week Four

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