As it stands, Sebastian "niQ" Robak can return to Berlin no earlier than on Wednesday evening. It means that he won't have any time for scrims or even individual practice going into this weeks' games. With that in mind we decided to use H2k-Gaming's substitute mid-laner Felix "Betsy" Edling as our sub this week. H2k's manager kindly approved of Felix becoming our substitute player, and Riot Games' representatives allowed us to field him this week. Felix has been practicing with our team since Monday, and we hope that we will get enough time to build a synergy required to challenge MYM and Fnatic.

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Felix's statement:
"I guess not many League fans are familiar with me, therefore I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself. I've been playing LoL since the middle of Season 1. At that point I was playing mostly for fun and started playing ranked only in Season 2. I took it even more seriously in Season 3 – I had around 600 points in Challenger, since I was dedicating a lot of time for SoloQ. Besides that, I was playing for various Swedish teams and trying out for more well-known teams like H2k and some other Challenger teams. I would like to thank Gambit Gaming for this opportunity and am looking forward to playing in LCS this week."