Duncan "Thorin" Shields published an article highlighting Danil's competitive legacy. In this article he features Diamond's encounters with the best junglers in the world, including the likes of DanDy and inSec, at critical junctures of their careers; explains his contribution to the development of the meta game and explains how he made several champions work, when everyone else considered them irrelevant. Below you can find an abstract from this article.

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"A unique and attractive quality of Diamondprox's personality, especially prior to his embracing more open interaction with fans, was the air of arrogance he gave off. The master Jungler would speak in what seemed almost quasi-religious pronouncements, telling the world that to be considered a great jungler one must have mastered Lee Sin or announcing that inSec had shown himself as the one player worthy to be considered his rival. Diamondprox was the king of the jungle and the aura of the right to rule permeated his demeanour and decrees."