We are glad to inform you about the brand new addition to our organization. From now on there will be two League of Legends teams that will defend our name on the Fields of Justice. All players from the second team will be listed as subs for our main roster that participates in the LCL. To stay in good shape, Gambit CIS Academy is required to take part in the summer split of the Challenger Series.

In case of emergency, the experience of playing regular matches will help the players to sub in in their best form. In addition to that, they will also have a chance to qualify for the LCL by themselves.

The team includes both young players without experience of playing competitively and veterans of the CIS-tournaments.

Gambit CIS Academy players will take part in the qualifiers for the Summer split of the CIS Challenger Series. Two qualifiers will be held over the next two days that will define 4 more participants of the Summer split. Our first match will be played today at 18:00 CEST.

Gambit CIS Academy: 
Ukraina Nikita "Nike3" Kosarev – Top Lane
Rossia Sergey "Weds" Vasilenko – Jungle
Litva Ernest "Pexe" Mastenica – Mid Lane
Rossia Sergei "Coldfeeling" Chuvankin – AD Carry
Ukraina Roman "WildHeart" Maksimchuk – Support
Ukraina David "Yavr" Potapenko – Coach