Our guys began the last day at cs_summit with the confrontation with OpTic. With this North American team we fought for getting to the grand final of the championship.
Bo3-battle started off on Inferno. On their pick Gambit managed to start well and took over first three rounds! Then the opponent tried to snatch the initiative and prevent us from taking the chain of rounds but they failed. The first half ended with double Gambit’s advantage - 10:5! After the side switch the North Americans began to catch up. However, the key round, where the guys didn’t have the opportunity for full buy was taken by us. We won Inferno 16:10!

The game on Mirage was controlled by our opponent: the guys couldn’t be at the wheel on the rival’s pick so OpTic won the first half with huge gap - 12:3. Our team wasn’t going to give up though and fought the opponent having played for CT side. On two OpTic’s match points Gambit managed to decrease the gap but still failed to edge out the North Americans on Mirage. The opponent took down the second map 16:9.

The decisive battle took place on one of the strongest maps for Gambit. On Cobblestone our guys didn’t feel the opponent and let them win for T side only 4 rounds! The second half was no better for OpTic: the guys were quick to bring to naught all the rival’s attempts for changing the flow of the match. On Cobblestone Gambit won 16:6!

After our victory over OpTic in the final of the lower bracket we were to fight for the first place with SK! The format of the grand final was a bo5 match with one map advantage for Brazilian team.

Not in vain did our guys choose Inferno! The guys started with the chain of taken rounds: the Brazilians managed to open the score only in the 6th round! Though this fact didn’t upset our opponent: SK even made it ahead by the end of the first half (8:7 in the opponent’s favor). After the side switch Gambit left no chance for the Brazilians to win this match: even for formidable SK it was difficult to confront Gambit’s defence. Gambit won Inferno 16:10!

SK adequately responded on Cache. On its pick top-4 team of the world shut down our guys, during the whole game we managed to take over only two rounds (for CT side). The opponent took over Cache 16:2.

Train didn’t have a good start for Gambit: we couldn’t open our score for 8 rounds. However, before the side switch we decreased our lagging behind - 9:6 on the opponent’s favor! Our guys performed great comeback and even got ahead of SK. We were the leaders with the score of 11:9 but thanks to their experience the Brazilians still managed to outperform us on Train and with the score of 16:13 snatched the 3:1 victory in the grand final of cs_summit!