The second day at cs_summit was finished with the game against Liquid. Both teams managed to show themselves at the first day, so they were to fight for advancing to the finals of the upper bracket. Train, Nuke and Cobblestone were chosen to fight on.

On the first map, Gambit's pick, no chance was left to the opponent to take over the initiative. During the whole first half our opponent won only one round. Though they failed to show themselves with this round in their active as well. The rival couldn't perform fight so the score remained 16:1 in our favor!

On Nuke the situation enlivened as Gambit wanted to win the match as soon as possible while Liquid strived to make it to the third map. Primarily North American team controlled the match but Gambit managed to catch up and first half score was 8:7 in the opponent's favor. After the side switch the game seemed similar to the first half. Although Liquid made it ahead of us, they failed to realize this advantage. One more time we decreased the gap and were one step from the victory during main time but North Americans didn't want to give up their pick so we had to continue during overtime. Soon during the first series we took over leadership and won 19:17! Gambit edged out Liquid 2:0 and advanced to the finals of the upper bracket!