During the first day at cs_summit our guys were to fight with the Swedish team GODSENT. According to the results of pick and bans the teams got to compete on Cache, Cobblestone and Train.

On Cache, which was our opponent's pick, GODSENT managed to win the pistol and two following rounds. However, such a successful beginning has nothing to do with the outcome. The teams were so close in the match as our guys took over seven rounds and got ahead and then GODSENT stepped on our heels. The first half showed the score 8:7 in GODSENT's favor. In the second half both rosters showed impressive performance: during it the teams evened the square 4 times! Closer to the end our guys broke away but failed to realize the victory from the score of 15:12. GODSENT weren't going to give their pick away and led the match to overtime. And that was where Gambit put an end, we won 19:15!

Gambit is famous for its Cobblestone. The results of the second half proved that. On Cobblestone the guys were completely at the wheel and GODSENT failed to confront. During the first half the opponent could take over only 4 rounds. The side switch didn't change anything, so in the second half GODSENT won only one round and we finished the game 16:5! Gambit won in the first meeting at cs_summit with the score of 2:0!