SK was our third opponent at cs_summit. For the grand finals of the championship our guys were to fight with the Brazilian team. As the result of pick and bans this BO3 match were played on Cobblestone, Cache and Train.

On the first map, our pick, it seemed like everything will be easy for us. A lot of times Gambit left their strongest opponents behind on Cobble. However, it was difficult to shut down a top 4 team in the world even on the promising map. The whole first half was under control of our opponents, but despite the score 10:1 Gambit tried to take their leadership on Cobblestone back. First half score was 11:4. Three won rounds in a row gave some hope for comeback but, unfortunately, they were the only three we won. SK won our pick 16:4.

Cache began with Gambit winning pistol and two next rounds. Good start on the opponent's pick gave hope for teams' exchanging their maps. Unfortunately, it didn't happen: after we won 3 rounds we could win only one more so first half had the same score as on Cobblestone - 11:4. After the side switch SK made it as close as possible to the victory, there were 14 won rounds in their active. However, our guys didn't want to let grand finals go that easy, they won three rounds more but failed to continue that series. SK edged out Gambit 16:7. It is not the end of Los Angeles tournament for our guys. Today we will fight with OpTic for the opportunity to get even with SK in the grand finals of the championship!