The tournament in Los Angeles starts this evening, our guys have already arrived to the USA and are preparing for the meeting with GODSENT.
Gambit will start their performance at cs_summit fighting with the Swedish roster. Despite the Double Elimination format, which allows a single mistake, no one wants to get to the lower bracket.

The debut Gambit's opponent will perform at cs_summit for the first time with their updated roster: after ELEAGUE Major JW and Flusha left GODSENT and ambitious twist and disco doplan came instead to replace them. GODSENT are currently in a good shape, they've proved it at ESEA Premier. Thanks to the victory at this championship the Swedes managed to advance to the next season of ESL Pro League. The last time Gambit met GODSENT at the group stage of ESEA Premier. Then the guys came out as winners out of that tensed match, the game on Overpass finished 16:14 in our favor. Judging by this result we can be sure that we will see the impressive battle of two ambitious teams. And on the 20th of April at 21:30 CEST we will find out which of two squads will begin their way at cs_summit with the victory.