Rossia Gambit [0:2] Bolgaria E-Frag @ Grand Final
10:16 @ de_dust2; 4:16 @ de_mirage

Rossia Gambit [2:0] Rossia Team YP @ Semifinal
16:2 @ de_cache; 16:9 @ de_inferno

EU CS:GO IEM Katowice Qualifier #1 is played out over this weekend. Due to the fact that there were more than 100 participants many games were delayed and there were no broadcasts.

Nevertheless, Gambit Gaming has successfully reached the semi-final stage and will face Team YP today at 17:00 CET. is facing in the second semi-final. Semi-finals and Final are played in BO3 format.

A winner of this qualifier will participate at IEM World Championship in Katowice, whereas all other teams will test their luck in the second European qualifier on January 25th – 26th.

Today we intend to keep you updated. As far as we know, there will be no broadcasts as well, but we will announce the results of the games as soon as possible!

Gambit Gaming's path to the semi-final:
Gambit Gaming [16:3] topk3k
Gambit Gaming [16:2] Exertus eSports 
Gambit Gaming [16:7] Lions
Gambit Gaming [16:8] accg
Gambit Gaming [16:12] FlipSid3 Tactics