Even though we did not win our second IEM WC in Hanover, we had a solid showing, particularly during the group stage where we went undefeated. Our first game against paiN Gaming was not executed particularly well, but we were ramping us as the day went on.

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In our third match we were facing the eventual champions of the tournament CJ Entus Blaze. While the group stage was far from over, an outcome of this game was most likely going to decide who would advance to playoffs from the 1st and the 2nd place. The difference was huge, since the 1st place was directly seeded into the semifinal stage, whereas two runner-ups had to begin their play-off runs in the quarterfinals.

The game was relatively short – it lasted only 23 minutes, but it was close until 18 minutes into the game. We managed to repel Blaze's attempt to assassinate Alex Ich and take down our Inner Mid Turret, and  finished off a single struggler. We proceeded by successfully securing a Baron – lucky for us they had no vision around it. Early Baron allowed us to quickly and decisively close out the game.

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