Gambit team never sits on one place. Right after winning German tournament AdreN, mou and Hobbit set off to South Korean city Goyang to conquer Asian stage on finals WESG APAC as part of the k23 mix team. We decided to ferret out Asian Counter-Strike history and find out what our guys shall expect from gaming community of this region.

In emerging countries with rapidly growing technological developments, which as a technologically advanced Asian countries are examples of, Esports is developing even faster than in Europe. However in the CS:GO world there are very few Asian teams, which achieved great success. This is because of the slow "expansion" of the new version of the popular online shooter to the Asian land. For some reasons people in the region could not play CS:GO for a long time, contenting with local analogs and outdated CS 1.6 instead. They had no access to comfortable matchmaking servers and the most popular gaming platforms (ESEA, FaceIT, etc.) and that's why they could only play with each other. It was summer 2016 when Perfect World company redeemed the right to widespread CS:GO through China, which was a great victory and a huge step forward for the country's gaming community.

In three years of slow development there still emerged some teams and among them the leaders in the region. At the moment TyLoo undoubtedly is the strongest one while VG.CyberZen is catching up with it. These two teams are those to share the pedestal of Chinese CS. MVP are almost the only representatives of South Korean CS. Wolf is a team of Indian guys, who back in 2014 got to Major and right from that moment vanished with no trace. Another case to recall is The Mongolz, who made much noise in the beginning of 2016 (these guys came to qualifying for the Major). Not many teams to account for.

By 2016 Asian cyber scene came to life. With each new tournament TyLoo proved their superiority over other teams thus tighter and tighter keeping the Asian throne. They won seven different Lan events, having earned nearly $100,000. By the way, these are the same guys, who have already booked places for themselves on the Chinese championship finals in October this year.

The Mongolz expressed themselves for the first time at CFG League. Very soon these guys won at IEM Taipei and went to Poland to IEM Katowice, where the only thing they got was a priceless experience of defeats from stronger teams.

After SL i-League StarSeries S2 LAN finals in Kyiv forever competing for the championship on the Chinese stage teams TyLoo and VG.CyberZen are the most noteworthy. These were teams to quite confidently win not ordinary participants of the tournament, but the obvious favorites of the whole event. On Mirage TyLoo has beaten Natus Vincere with a score of 16:10 and CyberZen dealt with Virtus Pro - 16: 7. Couldn't be expected, right? But it is far from being their first bright victory. In the beginning of 2016 at DreamHack Masters Malmö TyLoo managed to shock Luminosity (now SK).

From 10 to 13 November we have an opportunity to again observe exotic Counter-Strike at WESG APAC finals. Asian representatives of the Esports world have a chance to fight for a trip to Shanghai for the tournament finals, which will raffle the record for Counter-Strike sum of $1,500,000. In addition to Gambit's trio in k23 the teams from Australia, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand will fight for such a trophy. Although the majority of the teams are not that well-known, the experience of the mentioned teams shows that we can not underestimate them.

The guys have proven that they are able to sacrifice a lot for victories. There is a hard test of time for such teams from this region. And if they manage to cope with it and to gain a foothold among the top fives of the world, we, gentlemen, will be soon to speak about Asian expansion in CS:GO.