The organizers of the Asian qualifiers for WESG have published a schedule of matches. As games take place in Korea, in european timezone they will begin quite early.

We would like to remind you that according to the seeding, Kazakhstan k23, which includes three Gambit players, got into Group D, where they will play against Malazia Orange, Korea m0nster и Filippini Expendables. The team will start its fight for the spot at WESG LAN-finals on Friday, November 11.

On this tournament Kazakhstan k23 will be represented by AdreN, mou, HObbit, fANTASTIKA and dreaM.  

Friday, November 11th:
03:00 CET Kazakhstan k23 vs Filippini Expendables, BO2
05:00 CET Kazakhstan k23 vs Korea m0nster, BO2
07:00 CET Kazakhstan k23 vs Malazia Orange, BO2
09:00 CET Tiebreaker (if necessary), BO2
11:00 CET Tiebreaker (if necessary), BO2

Saturday, November 12th:
03:00 CET
Quarterfinals, BO3
06:00 CET Semifinals, BO3
06:00 CET Decisive game for 5-6 place, BO3
09:00 CET 3rd place match, BO3

Sunday, November 13th:
03:00 CET
Finals, BO3

To secure a place in the LAN-finals of WESG, a team needs to advance from the groups and achieve top-6 placement among the other teams.