Team Russia featuring Dosia of Gambit Esports, WorldEdit and seized of FlipSid3 Tactics, as well as flamie and electronic of Natus Vincere managed to qualify for WESG Grand Final via European Qualifier. In order to do that they had to advance from their group to playoffs. The team beat Belgia Belgium, Vengria GameAgents, tied against Polsha VP and lost to Francia EnVyUs and has thus secured the second place in group C, which was enough to pass the group stage. Their run in the playoffs didn’t last for long, as they were eliminated by Shvecia fnatic in round of 12 (5:16 @ de_train; 4:16 @ de_mirage).

WESG Grand Final will take place in March of 2018 in China. Our Kazakhstani players will have a shot at qualifying later this year via Asia-Pacific Qualifier.