Gambit CS:GO players Rustem "mou" Telepov, Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev and Abay "HObbit" Khassenov have arrived in Korea, where they will take part in the final stage of the qualifiers for the WESG 2016 under the name of Kazakhstan k23.

It was a long trip for them: right after the victory at Acer Predator Masters 3 guys had left Germany for Saint Petersburg, where they picked up their belongings from the team's bootcamp. Then the trio went to Kazakhstan, and later - to Seoul. We would like to remind you that the tournament will take place in Goyang, which is situated 16 kilometres away from the capital of South Korea.

Let's hope that such a long road hadn't exhaust our players, since they have to play matches of the qualifiers group stage in November 11. To get one of six spots in the LAN-finals of WESG, at first a team has to secure top-2 placement in its group.

During this stage Kazakhstan k23 will face Malazia Orange, Korea m0nster и Filippini Expendables. In contrast with the Central Asia qulifiers, the roster of the team now has two new players - Magzhan "fANTASTIKA" Temirbolat and Evgeniy "dreaM" Bogatyrev.

Here you can take a loot at the first photos they shared from their trip:

fANTASTIKA, dreaM and HObbit


Полицейский участок в Корее. Выглядит мило #типичнаяазия

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Police station in Korea. Looks cute



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kz boys:)

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Этому городу нужен казах

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This city needs a Kazakhstanian hero