Kazakhstani mix team Kazakhstan k23 featuring three Gambit CS:GO players won WESG 2016 Asia-Pacific Qualifier. In the final of the tournament the team overcame Kitai FIVE eSports.

K23 (AdreN, mou, HObbit, fANTASTIKA, dreaM) displayed a dominant performance throughout the qualifier and finished it with 12:0 score.

The final was yet another triumph for a Kazakhstani team. Their Chinese counterpart did not stand a chance based on a team play alone. K23 secured the lead from the get-go and did not let go of it.

Kazakhstan k23 [2:0] Kitai FIVE eSports | 16:5 @ de_cbble16:7 @ de_dust2

Their next step is the finals stage of WESG 2016 - they will be travelling to LAN-finals in Shanghai, where 24 teams will compete for $1,500,000 prize pool.

WESG APAC results:
1st Kazakhstan k23 - ~$29,500
2nd Kitai FIVE eSports - ~$17,700
3rd Kitai VG.CyberZen - ~$8,860
4th Malazia Fire Dragoon - ~$5,900
5th - 8th Hong Kong ENZOTailand SignatureMalazia Orange, Avstralia Athletico - ~$2,950