After a successful two-week trial we decided to hire Kévin "Shaunz" Ghanbarzadeh as our full-time Head Coach. We believe that Kévin has both the right attitude and the skill set to lead our team.

More info: Shaunz Joins Gambit on a Full-Time Basis

Gambit Weekly #27: Who is the strongest opponent you have faced in a competitive setting?

After a disappointing start of the split we managed to secure two victories during the third week of the competition. It allowed us to climb to the joint 6th place in the standings alongside Copenhagen Wolves and Roccat.

LCS EU Summer Week Four:
Thursday, 18:00 CEST Ispania Giants vs Rossia Gambit
Friday,  21:00 CEST Europe Unicorns vs Rossia Gambit

OP5: For the first time this split one of our players made it to the OP5 list. Cabochard had a solid showing overall: 8/1/5 as Hecarim vs SK and 5/2/6 as Gragas vs Wolves. He was particularly impactful on a pony due to his effective teleport usage.

Shaunz on Copenhagen Wolves: "This week was about getting better at communication and having better links between all lanes. We faced Copenhagen Wolves with a good draft. They knew we could play Gragas top and we knew they were practicing jungle Ekko.
The game was a bit sloppy from both teams, we could have executed two moves better. The first aggressive TP from Cabochard and diving Rumble few minutes later. Overall, we took a lead during the mid-game with some favourable rotations, and then the game went on for 20 more minutes due to them having AP Kog'Maw.
We did not want to force anything and make risky moves that could allow them to comeback, therefore we played passive until we got so far ahead that we felt comfortable pushing into their base.
Even though we are happy about our first win, the team and I noticed some basic mistakes that we had to fix, so we immediately went over a replay and talked about it upon getting back to our gaming house."

Shaunz on SK Gaming: "SK are in a slump, but they showed signs of life against some teams when they had leads despite being unable to close those games. We were confident going up against them. We practiced Taric in our scrims and were ready to put him to a good use. Picks and bans went exactly how I wanted to and we got pretty much everything we wanted to play. We also knew that Svenskeren was way less confident on Gragas than Rek'Sai, that is why we first picked Rek'Sai.
Our Bot Lane played really well early by denying and pressuring the opponent. Diamond's counter-gank and a later four-man dive for Kalista allowed us to get a crucial gold lead. Even if we had one or two mistakes, we did very few rotational and positional mistakes and I was way happier with this victory than a previous one.
However, we knew they were not the strongest opponent and since we aim for the top 3, we really want to show up big against Giants and Unicorns of Love this week."