Weekly Recap #5

Gambit Weekly #25: 
Why did you decide to become a pro gamer?

Last Sunday we lost our quarterfinal match against Unicorns of Love. Early elimination prevented us from travelling to Madrid and earned us 10 Championship Points. With no official games to be played until the end of May, when LCS EU Summer begins, we are currently taking a break and will resume our team practice in the beginning of the next month.

Championship Point Allocation:
1st - 90
2nd - 70
3rd - 50
4th - 30
5th/6th Dania WolvesRossia Gambit - 10

Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites on Unicorns of Love:
"We went into game one playing a very clean game, one of our best of the season. Our draft was fantastic. We go into post game analysis and spirits are high, we talk about adjustments and what to watch out for in the next game. We win the draft again, make a mistake with the dive and we lose the game. We go into the post game analysis and we say: "They didn't win this game, we lost it". Our draft was good, we made mistakes, we need to make adjustments to our game plan." In game three, we win the draft again. We go into the game with a great 1v2, killing Sion twice in lane. We have disjointed vision control, rotational play, and we botch team fights resulting in a loss. Game four, we say: "Okay, we are making mistakes based on their comp. Let's ditch their comp and play an aggressive style with a Nidalee jungle." They get Shaco cheese that gets us and we lose the set."