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Gambit Gamers #8: The IEM Effect

Gambit Weekly #24: Which team or player did you root for before you became a pro player yourself?

Retrospective: Genja - MVP of IEM Katowice 2014

LCS EU Spring'15 Coverage Hub

Going into the last week we were in a sole possession of 4th place in the standings: 8W-6L. We lost our first game against MYM, but our victory over Elements allowed us to secure a spot in the LCS EU Spring'15 playoffs. Right now we are tied for 4th with Unicorns of Love: 9W-7L.

Going into the next week our goal is to hold on to 4th/5th place in the standings to avoid facing Fnatic or H2k in the first round of playoffs. Besides that, there is a high likelihood of our game against Unicorns of Love becoming a teaser for our quarterfinal confrontation.

LCS EU Spring Week Nine:
Thursday @ 22:00 CET Rossia Gambit Gaming vs Europe Unicorns of Love
Friday @ 20:00 CET Rossia Gambit Gaming vs Germania SK Gaming

Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites on MYM:
"Our MYM match was our first game on the new patch, and we were still trying to figure out which champions and strategies would be ideal. We ended up drafting something subpar and we didn't play at our 100% best, and MYM played a really good game and picked up a well deserved victory."

Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites on Elements:
After our MYM loss, we spent a lot of time talking about what we felt were the strengths of Elements and what champions or strategies we had in our pool that would allow us to be successful. We all agreed on a composition that is similar to what we drafted, and we were able to snowball the early game very easily because of said composition. We played a very solid game and played to our compositional strengths and overall everyone performed well.

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