Victories over Copenhagen Wolves and Roccat allowed us to climb to the joint 5th place with Unicorns of Love and Roccat: 5 Wins and 7 Losses. With three weeks left until the end of the regular season, our realistic goal is to secure 4th/5th place in order to avoid facing the 3rd seed in the first round of playoffs. 

LCS EU Summer, Week Seven:
Thursday, 22:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs Germania SK
Friday, 19:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs Ispania Giants

Shaunz on Copenhagen Wolves:
"Against Copenaghen Wolves, we knew two of their players were not experienced and it was their first game in LCS, so we decided to go for a more team-oriented lane swap and it went perfectly, since Cabochard was really ahead of the enemy Maokai and it was a matter of time until we would be able to end the game."

Shaunz on Roccat:
"Against Roccat, we had a really poor early game, where ROCCAT played better than us overall by good map control. In my opinion, we did not deserve the win because of it, but our team executed team fights excellently and we managed to get Nashor. Once we got a lead against their composition, it was really hard for them to come back, because they could not clear Nashor minions with their set-up: Azir & Corki, while we could poke them until death with Jayce. Overall, I am happy how the team reacted after we got Nashor, because they snowballed properly."

OP5: Cabochard & Betsy
For their performance in the sixth week of LCS EU Summer Cabochard and Betsy earned themselves a spot on the OP5 list.
Cabochard was put in a position to carry in his game on Fizz (5/3/3) against Copenhagen Wolves and used it to apply an immense amount of pressure with his split push. In his game on Shen (2/1/9) against Roccat he played an instrumental role in team fights by landing taunts on multiple targets.
Betsy had an impressive kill contribution across both games on Jayce (8/1/7 vs Roccat & 2/1/8 vs Wolves) and successfully used his poke allowing us to siege and to take control over neutral objectives.