Today we'll find out whether Gambit will be one of the four teams to advance to CIS Qualifier playoffs. Yesterday our team played four games: two wins and two losses.

Cis Gambit [0:1] Cis Spirit
Cis Gambit [0:1] Rossia M19
Cis Gambit [default loss] Rossia Cyber Anji*
Cis Gambit [1:0] Rossia Comanche
Cis Gambit [1:0] Rossia Empire

*Unfortunately, our gaming house and an entire surronding area experienced a power outage. Players were not able to join the lobby in time.

Cis Gambit: Daxak, Cooman, chshrct, Bignum, ALWAYSWANNAFLY
Cis Spirit: Bzz, Iceberg, DkPhobos, fng, VANSKOR
Rossia M19: iLTW, Nix, Funn1k, Misha, Muriel
Rossia Cyber Anji: Sedoy, Pikachu, yoky-, Chuvash, NoFear
Rossia Comanche: Oxaien, GGwpLanaya, XaKoH, sQreen, hNN)
Rossia Empire: Chappie, fn, Ghostik, Miposhka, RodjER