In the second round of the group stage at StarSeries Gambit was to meet a team who lost in the debut match. On April 5, our guys competed with TyLoo. As the result of pick and bans Cobblestone occurred as a battlefield.

Despite Cobblestone being one of the best Gambit's maps the Chinese weren't going to give the victory away. In the pistol round and some following TyLoo were leading but further situation changed and both teams one by one took over the rounds. The leader of the first half could be defined only in the last round, and that was Gambit with the score of 8:7. For T side our guys broke away and took the advantage of 4 rounds but TyLoo didn't give up and soon evened the score. The teams kept intrigue till the end of the match as they were close up and could define the strongest. Still Gambit managed to go over the opponent so they won Cobblestone 16:13!