On April 6, within the third day of group stage at SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Gambit is to fight with a team, which has already got one victory and one loss. According to the draw results the international team FaZe is to be our third opponent at the championship.

The team, which embraces 5 players from different countries, is good in inner communication. It is proved not only by their last great result and performances but also by their occupying the fourth place in HLTV rankings of the top teams! After the successful NiKo's transfer, the line up was fast to show their readiness to win: at the last tournament, IEM Katowice 2017, these guys took the second place. The last time Gambit went against the European roster was yet when FaZe still had aizy in their team. At the match for qualifying to the playoffs at ELEAGUE Major 2017 our guys edged out FaZe. Strenuous fight on Overpass finished 16:14 in Gambit's favor. Be sure to watch whether the European roster with its new chain is able to revenge with Gambit for the loss at Major. Don't miss the match at 13:00 CEST!