The second day of group stage at SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 begins with our guys' match. Unfortunately, in the first round the team gave in to Swedes fnatic that's why on April, 5 they're meeting a team, which began with a defeat as well. According to the draw TyLoo is our opponent.

This team is currently occupying the throne of Asian Сounter-Strike world. The Chinese squad has recently changed its roster by recruiting HZ, who used to play temporarily there. As a newcomer he will be accompanied by top 1 Indonesian player BnTeT, but he won't be at this tournament due to visa issues. zhokiNg took his place for this time. Before the third StarSeries season the teams didn't have a chance to compete together. However, TyLoo is a strong opponent, who succeeded to make sensation in the last season of the tournament. Back then the Chinese edged out one of the most powerful CIS teams - Natus Vincere. Watch what these Chinese guys are capable of with their updated roster and whether our guys manage to get the victory in the second group stage round at 10:00 CEST!