On the third day at StarSeries our guys were to meet the team, which has one victory and one defeat on their account. For getting closer to the quarterfinals Gambit competed with FaZe. They decided to sort out on Cache.

FaZe managed to take over the first rounds, they got the pistol round and two following. As for Gambit, they weren't going to give out the advantage and caught up with the opponents all the time. Thus, during the first half the score got even several times. However, FaZe managed to break away and made it three rounds ahead. Even confrontation went on after the side switch, both teams didn't let each other win chain of rounds and one by one snatched the initiative.  Still the European team turned our the winner, unfortunately, in the last rounds we failed to go over the opponent. Battle on Cache finished 16:13 in FaZe's favor.