During the fourth day at StarSeries our guys were to play for advancing further at the group stage. Gambit was supposed to face the team, which also has one victory and two defeats. According to draw results CLG turned out to be our opponent. The confrontation of two squads took place on Cobblestone.

As the fight began, Gambit was running total advantage and it seemed like the first half would be finished with stunning gap, but the Americans pulled themselves together just in time and by the side switch the score was 9:6 in our favor! Further initiative was taken by CLG. They broke away to the point of having six match points. However, Gambit didn't give up and managed to catch up with the opponent. We lacked very little to make the game to overtime. Gambit failed to pin the opponent, and unfortunately we gave in Cobblestone to CLG with the score of 16:14. Thus Gambit is eliminated from SL i-League StarSeries S3. The guys are leaving the championship with a group stage exit.