We're proceeding with the cycle of materials, where we're recalling all the happy and sad moments, our squads were relieving throughout the year. Today we will speak about February 2016, the month, marked by the first important international triumph of CS:GO line-up of Gambit.

Visa issues
The first half of February our players spent at home, the need to get American visa allowed the guys to train online only, at the same time solving things out in respective embassies. Fortunately, there were no problems and already on February 14 our team gathered at the boot camp in Saint Petersburg, where the enhanced training for the first team's Major qualifiers began.

The victory
Despite our successful performance in CIS qualifier, our team came into USA Columbus Major Qualifier as outsiders of the group. To advance to the main final of the first half of year the team needed to win two times. Our guys managed it without dropping a single map, thus having gotten to Major at once.

The first opponent they met in the USA was the local team USA Cloud9. They appeared to play on Cache, where Sng Gambit CS:GO team showed fantastic defense (12:3 after the first part), and closing the game was only a matter of time - 16:9.

The next day we were to face the five of Avstralia Renegades, who earlier surprised everyone, having overplayed the group's favorite Dania Dignitas. This time the game was held on Train, where Kazakhstan Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev and Kazakhstan Rustem "mou" Telepov showed themselves brilliantly. Having chalked up 55 frags between the two of them, the Kazakhs were very helpful for the team getting the second victory (16:11), which provided us with the first place in the group, with a trip to USA Columbus Major 2016 and a place in the third pool for seeding.

That is how February 2016 imprinted in our memory. The last days of the month gave the fans a lot of happy moments, as not every day the team you're cheering for confidently wins the trip to Major. Apart from this, success in the qualifier let us make it 7 positions higher at once in the ranking of the best teams in the world: Gambit CS:GO takes the 16th place.