Foreword: To celebrate Diamondprox's return to Gambit we are launching his individual apparel collection. "Gambit Diamondprox vs inSec T-shirt" is the first item among many. We would like to note that 50% of the profit made on sales of these items will contribute Danil directly. Besides, each item will come together with his autograph.

One of our most memorable matches took place in March of 2013. When MLG had announced the participants of MLG Dallas International 2013, no one had doubted that Gambit Gaming and KT Rolster Bullets would face each other in the finals.

Both teams quickly dismantled their North American counterparts in semis to produce a back and forth BO3 series. One would think that it would be difficult to top that spectacle, but that wasn't the case, even though it's a completely different story… 

If you haven't seen this match, we advise you to do so (Games One, Two and Three), whereas we would like to focus on a duel that took place during the final game of the series.

Danil "Diamondprox” Reshetnikov on facing KTB & inSec:

"KTB looked very strong when we first met, and it was quite a challenge to take them down. Especially with inSec in a great shape, being one of the best junglers at that time. In the end we lost 1-2, but we've put quite a fight. It was a pleasure to bring back long-forgotten Udyr and to show that I know my limits when it counts."

KTB were off to a good start in the third and final game, when inSec saw a potential opening - low HP Diamondprox wandering by himself in the Top Lane. Choi In-seok was known for his mechanical prowess - he did popularize a trick every single half decent Lee Sin player is using right now. While his mechanics were on point, he was outclassed due to Danil's knowledge of this matchups' limits. The hunter became the hunted and was struck down in a spectacular fashion.